Liviam is a social platform designed
for patients and hospitals to improve
patient outcomes and satisfaction.

Helpful Features

Help requests
Ask friends and family for help during your time of need.
Keep track of appointments, dates, visits & tasks.
Keep your team updated on your progress, privately and efficiently.
Get reminders for medications and track prescriptions.
Photos & Videos
Keep your team updated with pictures & videos of your journey.
Find thoughtful gifts or flowers to brighten someone's day.
Stay up to date on Hospital class times and locations.
Explore hospital services geared specifically for your condition.

For Patients

Liviam is dedicated to reducing the stress in your life during this important time. Our tools make asking for help easier than ever, and allow you to focus solely on getting better.
  • CareStream
  • Calendar
  • Blog

The CareStream

Get a wall of support. Literally. The CareStream acts as your news feed, providing you with a one-stop summary for photos, updates, messages, and help requests. The CareStream provides a simple, clean snapshot of everything you need to know when it comes to you and your team.

For Supporters

There’s no greater act of kindness than supporting a loved in their time of need. Liviam’s tools make it easier than ever to offer your support, send gifts and flowers, and give them help exactly how it’s needed, when it’s needed.
  • Supporter ID Card
  • Calendar
  • Gifts

Supporter ID Card

The Supporter ID Card is a simple way for team members to show their support, and any ways in which they may be of help. The ID Card features information such as days and times you can help, and which tasks you’d like to help with so your loved one always knows who is available for what and when, if they’re needed.

For Healthcare Providers

Liviam is a powerful tool that not only benefits your patients, but also your healthcare facility. With Liviam you can connect directly with patients, gain relevant key insights about your facility’s performance, and develop a powerful ally in keeping your patients’ recovery times to a minimum.
  • Real-time Patient Feedback
  • Direct Communication
  • Insights Dashboard


There’s no better tool for patient-satisfaction improvement than real-time feedback. Liviam’s survey questions are streamed directly onto a patient’s page or portal, so you know exactly how your facility and staff are performing, and which patient’s needs are or aren’t being met. This is a quick way to ensure each patient leaves your facility happy with the care they’ve received.

Whether you need help or want to help, Liviam makes it easier than ever.